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Three tailored products

to overcome every commercial, brand & marketing challenge >

Across our experience, we find the most valuable consultancy touches nerves. Because if we can identify the cause of your pain, we can fix it.


The NERVE CENTRE is Propellant's audit and analysis workshop for brands. We guide you through a score-based assessment of your brand performance.

The outcomes are focused on targeted improvements for your brand - whether that's a wholescale reassessment of the brand itself, or simple mechanisms to maintain consistency.


Diagnose what's hurting your brand. Then fix it.

Rediscover the soul of your brand. Then get everyone excited about it.

ROCKET FUEL gives organisations the power to accelerate their brand in a way that is both truthful and actionable. It defines the binding thread that creates cohesion, and build confidence across every channel.

Combining elements of Discovery, Facilitation, Stakeholder Engagement and Creative, ROCKET FUEL is codified - similar to a brand guideline - and implemented ready for your teams / agencies to generate greater impact in everything they do.


Understand what's working in your market. Then own your space.

Propellant is focused on helping brands create a spark. ALL SEEING EYES is our custom model for analysing your competitive and market landscape - utilising the insights and experience of a handpicked Jedi Council of senior brand owners and marketers from within our network. Each with direct and relevant experience to our clients' industries.

Using a combination of stakeholder interviews, AI and manual analysis, we identify the critical trends, audience motivations and competitor observations needed to make better brand decisions.

The outcome is a presentation and report in which we share the most pressing insights, partnered with our strategic recommendations on how to react.


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