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Services Provided

Brand Strategy, Messaging, Brand & Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Content

The Brief

For over 3 years, EngageTech, a leading SDR Services business, and EngageIQ, a cutting-edge Sales Intelligence platform, evolved as two separate entities, each providing unique value to their clients’ organisations under standalone brands and websites.

Following tremendous growth and individual success for both, our task was to create a less confusing, unified brand for the two businesses.

The Solution

By first defining a clearer go-to-market message and brand positioning, we shaped a dynamic new multi-channel identity that enables the organisation to scale, identify new revenue generating opportunities and achieve its growth ambitions.

And vitally, the new EngageTech brand now confidently projects an image of a diverse, forward-thinking and aspirational business that can attract and retain top talent.

A new brand for a world-beating software business. Powered by people. Trusted by the best.

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