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Informed Sport

Services Provided

Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Messaging, Brand & Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Brand Imagery, Art Direction

The Brief

Although it has been in existence since 2008, Informed Sport had been relatively unknown within large sports governering bodies, especially in the United States.

Our challenge was to reposition the brand to allow it to expand and gain acceptance from collegiate, professional and elite sport bodies and athletes around the world. So that when it comes to nutritional testing, they become the brand to trust.

The Solution

Following in-depth research, we understood how the importance of trust for elite athletes is paramount. Their reputation, careers and how they value partnerships is key to their success. Being safe from banned substances in their nutrients and supplements is fundamental to this.

We created a new positioning and brand strategy built around this. So, when and wherever they see the informed mark, they can trust they are in the safest hands. For supplement manufacturers it was key to clearly communicate the benefit of the testing scheme and how it can be reflected on their packaging and communications.

Reshaping the trusted brand for elite athletes in nutritional protection.

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