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Lixir Drinks

Services Provided

Brand Strategy, Brand Creation, Packaging, Brand Guidelines, Art Direction, Social Content, Website Design, Image Creation, Brand Activations

The Brief

Define a socially-adept, youthful brand with a strong competitive difference, and a recognisable identity that’s consistent both online and in-store. Devise a positioning with strong storytelling principles that will generate standout across social media and digital initiatives.

The Solution

The mixer sector is dominated by grown-up and refined brands, so to appeal to a younger audience that places value in authenticity and excitement, we knew we had to shake things up, embrace informality and develop a taste for the unexpected.

Through our research, we knew that any brand which could work digitally as well as on the shelf would resonate with the core audience, allowing for recall and yet reinforcing spontaneity. This led us to couple the strategic positioning of ‘Good Times’ with the strong visual impact of the ‘X’ in the brand name to produce a dynamic and iconic visual identity.

The updated graphic language created stronger on-pack hierarchy, shelf standout and consistency across the portfolio, yet still imbued the brand with an overall premium feel to support its bartender origins.

Rejuvenating a premium mixer into an informal, socially switched-on brand.

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