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  • Stuart Lang

Clients & Creativity. A Mutually Respectful Partnership

With some clients, a professional rapport is built up over time. Trust is built through successful delivery of the first project, then the next. And before anyone realises, significant transformation has taken place over a number of months and years.

But with others it happens instantaneously.

Within 10 minutes of meeting someone – swapping stories, talking about mutual acquaintances and experiences and sharing banter, you realise there is a shared alignment of ethos, values and ways of working.

Both sides know what’s important to the other. Why certain things matter, whose voices need to be heard, and how to get the best out of one another.

This is what happened with Adam Harvey when we met with him and his brother Tom.

There was an instant sense of parity, a mutual understanding of what was needed, and how we would all work together.

Creating and defining a brand is a sensitive process. For startups and challengers it’s vital to get it right – as they only have one chance to launch. But when the business has been operating for decades, and is run by the third generation of the same family, every decision can have a commercial impact, as well as on the ongoing legacy of the family name.

So, the trust that Adam and Tom placed in us after that first meeting was sacrosanct.

From that very first meeting with the A.D Harvey team, going the extra mile has been effortless. We’ve walked and talked through every aspect of their operation and impressive facilities, met all of their devoted team, got under the skin of their proud history and learnt about their plans for the future.

We even spent the night walking around Smithfield Market together speaking with their clients and observing the unloading of their poultry from their trucks.

Why is this important to share? Because the branding and creative process should be all about close relationships. Barriers are broken down quicker, laughs can and should be had regularly, and so much can be achieved when you instinctively play to one another’s strengths.

We’re incredibly proud of the brand we’ve created for Adam, Tom, Tim and the rest of the A.D. Harvey family – but we’re just as proud of the friendships that have grown out of these past few months.

We hope it helps to strengthen the incredible legacy of the foundations that their parents and grandparents built.

And as Adam Harvey says himself:

"When the brand you are evolving is your family name, you believe no one understands the importance it holds for you. Propellant however, understood from the first moment we met.

During our journey together, there have been times where we’ve challenged each other robustly. An inevitable outcome of working so closely together when striving for the best. But throughout this - laughter has been continuous, pride has been felt and respect has emerged.

It has been a very difficult task adding to what has already been said by Stuart. But knowing that we both feel and and think the same goes to show how successful this process has been and how strong its foundations are. Which we can build on in the future, and are already embracing today."


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