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  • Stuart Lang

Creating timeless imagery for a global stage.

Helping people and brands realise their potential and step up to the next level, globally, is what defines Propellant.

To push boundaries, we have to always step out of our comfort zone. It’s how we create our most unique work.

We’ve also built some great relationships with incredible image makers – the very best photographers, illustrators, lettering artists, videographers, animators, directors – that add that extra magic ingredient to every project.

Working with our long time collaborator Phil Haynes, we recently shot the young British Cruiserweight boxer Isaac Chamberlain as he takes the next big steps in his career. From Brixton to an international stage. Phil is not only one of the UKs leading sports photographers, but he has a boundless enthusiasm and passion for photography that infuses every image he captures, and every shoot we’ve worked together on.

Isaac’s story is a compelling one. His journey anything but straightforward. Just watch his interview with BBC Sport’s Alex Gulrajani to understand exactly what he has had to overcome.

Bouncing ideas around with Phil, our vision was to create some timeless images of him. Stripping away the public persona – removing the gloss of sponsor logos and traditional fighter posturing to reveal the raw energy, power and determination that has got him this far. We didn’t want them to date quickly. Instead, we wanted him to be able to look back on these shots in 10 years time and be proud.

Bringing together a lean, socially distanced crew at Phil’s studio in Haggerston, East London, we spent three hours with Isaac shooting three different lighting set ups. It was a productive and fun few hours – made all the easier by Isaac’s patience and willingness to take direction.

The final shots exceeded all of our expectations. Bold, captivating, honest and real. They capture someone about to embark on the next stage of their development. The world awaits. And as the man himself says:

“Be uncommon. Be different. Be free. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be daring. Be bold. Be fearless. Be ambitious. Be hungry. Be driven. And be you. It does not matter what other people have to say, you know what you want to do, so be true to yourself and take action.”

Isaac Chamberlain

Unique photography provides so much to a brand – be that an individual or a multi-national organisation. It’s all too easy to take the quick route of selecting a stock image. But it’s even easier for others to do exactly the same thing. Capturing authentic, honest images that are unique, timeless and impossible to imitate is what elevates every brand. And putting together the right people at the right time to shoot those images is the magic ingredient that can never be under-estimated.


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